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Thread: Which screen to connect my laptop?

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    Which screen to connect my laptop?


    I spend a lot of time both for work and for leisure often several hours in a row, as I am tall, the screen is more in front of my chest than with my eyes, even by raising it a little with a catalog. I tend to bend to see the screen and for the back, it's really not top. So I would like to find myself a larger screen, adjustable in height to improve ergonomics (but not that) and plug it into my laptop.

    Please help.

    I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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    Well my friend what you need is a big LED screen to work things for you, its been tough days for you not hanging properly, you need some help and LED is the solution for you, you can Buy Custom Paper and Led from online shopping sites sale is on so this is pretty much the right time to buy.

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