<p>Engineered Flooring; Sub-multi-layer solid wood flooring, three solid wood flooring from different species of sheet metal staggered laminated. Features: ① with natural solid wood flooring natural beauty and comfort foot feel all the advantages of performance unique substrate structure, solid wood than the solid, durable, easy to deformation. </p><p> temperature difference changes, geothermal housing is a better floor materials. multi-layer wear-resistant paint, UV curing, moisture-proof flame retardant, with a certain wear resistance. </p><p> can be used and strengthen the floor of the same floating pavement method, simple, economical. multi-layer solid wood composite floor layer thin, soft substrate material, poor impact resistance, prone to stratification, from the skin, depression and other issues.</p><p> Three layers of solid wood flooring on the middle and the back are used poplar or birch, pine isokinetic wood, poor wood, dry shrinkage ratio, deformation coefficient, and the surface layer is easy to produce large internal stress, which led to floor cracking, Is the quality problem in the dry areas of the north is more obvious.Bamboo Flooring Bamboo flooring is refined from the age of bamboo, bamboo flooring fresh and elegant, can produce a simple natural decorative effect.cork flooring Cork flooring is made of cork. Cork view of the name seems to be a kind of wood, in fact it is not a wood, it is a broad-leaved Best Diy Decking Products Export tree species - cork oak (oak) bark cut and get the "cork", in biology For the cork (CORK or PHELIEM).</p>