<p>Select the composite floor has three principles to choose to strengthen the composite wood flooring should pay attention to the convex groove, color material, environmental protection index. The tightness of the groove is determined by the abrasion resistance and service life of the laminate flooring. According to the rationale to strengthen the composite wood moisture-proof decks board Wales floor wear number above 4500 that is sufficient to use, the lowest standard products have reached this standard. </p><p>While the quality of the floor problems are often appear in the gap. Due to convex groove bite loose wide open, the floor after a period of time after the use of degumming gap. The gap into the water vapor, dust, the floor will be deformed from Alice, affecting the use of the results and the useful life. Select the color plate garden fences manufacturer in ireland to strengthen the material, mainly to see its color, pattern and finish is not the feeling of solid wood flooring. </p><p>As a substitute for solid wood flooring products, strengthen the surface of composite wood flooring mostly wpc decking in korea natural wood color. Fly in the ointment is that most of the enhanced plate more or less the existence of false color problems. </p><p>Some products can not keep up with the process, some market is slow or outdated products. Choose the principle of color is of course the more natural the better. Environmental protection index refers to the strengthening of formaldehyde emission plate, but also the most important pollutants. If the floor quality is not good, the seam is not tight enough to release the formaldehyde is bound to more, and long-term inhalation of formaldehyde gas will Hollow Composite Deck endanger the health of the human body. The principle of choice is, of course, the lower the better the formaldehyde emission.</p>