School prom season is bigger and bolder than ever for 2010 Josh Smith Jersey , make way for the sweet sixteens or more usually than not fifteens as they absorb every hip and happening product in order to reinact their idols for their special prom day.

Proms have know grown from not just end of high school leaving but there is also now a growing trend for kids leaving primary school and also University students to make a big occasion of their last time at school with their fellow chums.

Not confined to a traditional white stretch limo or prom dress kids are now broadcasting their style and making a statement whether it be an exclusive designed made prom dress or arriving to their prom in something as glitzy as a helicopter. prom dresses usually start from ?39 and work their way up to around ?199 from a typical high street or online supplier. Then for the really super rich thee are opportunities for the prom girl to hire dresses whihc have been worn by the super celebs on the catwalks from London to Hollywood and then modified to fit the lucky prom princess. This is becoming a bigger trend of recent and is stemmed from kids wanting to stand out and have dresses which are exclusive or special to them as they are worn by their idols in the glossy mags and TV kids are so probe to watch. It may all sound a little ridiculous although this is the first real taste of a landmark celebration a kid will get and many will only get this indulgence once in their life.

Limousines are most popular choice of transport arriving to a prom due to the amount of passengers one limo can seat. Most limos are split into two categories, 8 seater and 16 seaters. Then there is the syle of limo, many kids still favour the big bling Hummer limousines which seat upto 16 people and have a big impact when arriving to a prom,especially if it is as bright as pepto bismol pink! Many of the latest limousines have consoles and i pod connections for the prom parties to play on whilst they get cruised around their local streets before the prom convoy takes place. Prom venues have been known to be at the school itself but more regularly at a slick venue such as a top end Golf course or function room.

In the UK specifically laws have been changing with regards to limousines and it is speculated to create issues for prom goers this year. VOSA (the Vehicle and Operator Services agency) are setting strict procedures for all limousine owners to obtain an operators license. Previously the bigger limousines were hired out as dry hire due to not being able to work with an operators license to carry over 8 passengers. Laws are now clearer for the operators although with a lack of time in order to make major changes to its 16 passengers limousines to allow them obtain an operators license it is inevitable some limousines are going to face issues over the prom season.

For the real indulgent school prom revellers you can have an in car DJ playing in the Hummer limousines as kids get cruised around and then taken to their prom with their favourite soundtrack mixed up. many of the DJ s which play in the Hummers are top London west end DJ s who are usually playing for the likes of celebrities, to be played to a small audience of 12 kids, you can imagine how special they are set to feel.
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