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Thread: Black on white | Noir sur blanc - Stills & Animation

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    Black on white | Noir sur blanc - Stills & Animation

    Hi everyone,

    Here is a personal project I made during my spare time. This one's called "Black on white | Noir sur Blanc".
    This project is based on "Black On White" project made by Parasite Studio Architects, located in Dumbravita Timis (Romania).
    The main theme of the project was to create a dark box containing private spaces surrounding by a series of white walls.
    Currently the interior design does not match the reality and was re-created for the 3D project. For external views I was inspired by the photographs Wenczel Attila 's.
    From a technical point of view there is not much extraordinary. The modéliasation is pretty standard. All fabrics, cushions ... were achieved through Marvelous Designer. Vegetation was established with Forest Pro (a great tool).
    The lighting is provided by a V-Ray DomeLight, using HDR skies + V-Ray Sun.
    Modeling and rendering in 3ds Max 2014 and V-Ray 3. Post-work in Photoshop.

    Animation Link:
    The animation was based on stills pictures and took about 2/ 3 days of work in after effects. For this type of animation I was mainly inspired by the work of Alex Roman, Thiago Lima but also some videos made by Motyw.

    As usual your comments and criticisms are more than welcome!

    Softs: 3ds max 2014/ V-Ray 3/ Adobe Photoshop CC
    Additional Softs: Marvelous Designer/ Forest Pro/ Adobe After Effects...

    ps: you can see the full set here on my website & go to my Facebook page

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Black_On_White_Int_001.jpg 
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