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Thread: VPN service for common access

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    VPN service for common access

    VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private network that is created over a public network such as internet. Such service is widely used for corporate communication and enables organisations to securely access their company?s network even while they are travelling. It provides better security for exchanging video, data and even voice; in fact, it enables organisations to have a safe internal network to support their work. VPN connects the various branches of the organisations in different locations to the internal network of the main office. The common applications of VPN are evident with the introduction of Google VPN. Google is surprising users with its plans to start its own Google VPN service. Google VPN is already attracting many users and it provides better security for exchanging data thus proving its merits. VPN service is even useful for freelancers to connect to the network of the organisations they work with. It uses encryption and security mechanisms to ensure that only authorised users access the private network and view the data. The data is encrypted while sending and decrypted only on receiving to ensure privacy; to get connected to the private network the user must be authenticated with unique identification and password. It is also commonly used in the campuses of universities; there are even free VPN services available that enables students to stay connected with the campuses located in different locations. It is widely used for accessing the internet safely and with complete privacy. VPN can also connect multiple sites over a distance similar to WAN or Wide Area Network.

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    The VPN services are widely available nowadays but when it comes to get a good vpn for china then it can be a hard thing. I was in same situation and wasn?t finding any reliable one. Found a list at and they had listed all of the best services that work efficiently over there.

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    I'v been using Fastest VPN Service which is quite working for me better and secure.

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    I was in same situation and wasn?t finding any reliable one

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