attached to give volume to your hair

one golden rule: do not let a hair more. finally, select a hair thin enough, before wrapping it around the elastic. it is the perfect system for mask of fa? this trendy.
the wavy ponytail to look casual.

if you are a fan of the bohemian style, put on a fake version is the idea? a coward and a spirally attached to give volume to your hair. to achieve this, help yourself to a curling iron of large diameter. this is the best option to create loops or redefine your best lengths are wavy or curly hair. to protect your work carefully heat thermo active half lengths up to peak (the part that you are going to bump. based on the use of hair iron and split the earrings with the fingers to create ripples vaporeuses.

before bringing your hair, there are several options. a bet on a good hair, parted in the middle. like a stripe on the c? for a bohemian style for your hair, or comb hair to the back for a more fluid. well, get your gluelessfulllacewigs hair on the back of the neck, and then realize a ponytail down and out. in finishing, spray a cloud of high spray to extend.