Toner cartridge as an important component of the printer, we have to cherish it. In fact, many users using a lot of misconduct in the process, and it will result many problems in the printing process. Although it is a small problem, It is still necessary to remind you to use the toner cartridge properly.

Correct installation:
Before using the toner cartridge to swing toner cartridge 6-8 times and it will loose and evenly distributed toner, and then pull out the seal, and then put the cartridge into the printer.
We need to check whether the drum is rotating flexibly or not.
Pushing the drum gear a week in the direction of the drum guard (74A vs. 3903A), If the user reverses the photosensitive drum, the toner will accumulate between the magnet roller and the powder blade, causing the toner powder to shake 6 to 8 times before use the toner, it will loosen and distribute the toner evenly, and then pull the seal out, Then put the cartridge into the printer. Under normal circumstances, if the machine appears TONER LOW logo, the printed products appear shallow phenomenon, you can shake the toner cartridge and then it can print more 40-50 page.
When replacing the toner cartridge, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the place where the toner cartridge placed, with a soft cloth to clean the traces of paper and toner, the exposed electrical contacts can be wiped with cotton swabs with alcohol to maintain good electrical contact. Otherwise, it may result in light print.

Suitable print media:
Do not use missing, tearing, wrinkling, curling, hole breaking and stapled paper; if the paper too thick and strong paper (especially business card paper) will wear photosensitive drum ASAP; When we print film that some film layers melt and adhere to the fuser roller, it will cause permanent damage, we need pay special attention to the choice of film.

However. If you still don?t suitable above operation, there has another way to help you solve the toner cartridge problem that is replace toner cartridge by yourself.Such as if you use the Brother TN 770 toner cartridge that you can purchase one type Brother TN770 that is so easy to replace and replace.

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