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    Welcome to our choice gallery!

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    Thanks very much for this great honour i really appreciate the award very much and i would like to thank Simonhc very much and hopefully i would be contributing in this creative website,

    Max 3dvi

    Regarding the lighting i had used vraydome linked to it HDRI for the base light for the exterior stuff with (in the mainshot) vray sphere as a casting faded light source from far away,

    The reason why i used the vray sphere as a light source (as a sun) not vray sun is that it gives more controled area shadow (specially when its radius is bigger) and u could also control more its color.

    Regarding the light inside its mainly photometric lights Free light with IES webs to have the real falloff of the lighting spots.(but its surly takes too much over render time). but i think its worth it.

    Regarding the glass material its very basic with nearly white refraction and fresnel white reflection ( the most important thing of the glass material is not the material itself but its what its reflecting) so make sure u have nice objects or anything that have real effext on reflection.

    SO thats pretty much it i hope my explanation was in your help, and thanks again for the great words

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    jaw-dropping work... 5 stars!

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    amaazing project Bazooka as always , very clean renders and i love the mood you made there so peaceful
    cheers my friend ..

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    The Cheesy Animation is a leading 3D Exterior Design Studio. 3D Rendering's include of both Residential Exterior Rendering and in addition 3D Commercial Exterior Rendering regions. We cater to architects and real estate firms to make your dream 3D Exterior Visualization projects.

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    Wow i think that this looks really amazing!

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