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Thread: MAKING OF "INTERIOR SCENE" by Matheus Passos

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    MAKING OF "INTERIOR SCENE" by Matheus Passos

    By: Matheus Passos

    Hello you, first I want to thank you for reading about my method of work. I sincerely hope that this reading can help you with your work. This is my first tutorial, I ask your forgiveness for my English. : D
    My name is Matheus Passos, I'm from Brazil, a lover of architecture 3D visualization. you can find some of my work for my blog and soon
    Note: I am in favor of using all the resources Vray .. I feel that works with all standard tools Vray has a greater compatibility.

    Work is an office where the focus was to use the library of models in ModelPLUS, you can find the same models, visit: , I want to thank the great work ModelPLUS. I wanted to show the extent of its models and its quality for our scenes.

    I know you can find this a very crowded scene, but this was the purpose.


    I used the system IBL (Image-Based Lighting), as main light you can study it more for:

    Within the VrayDome, I used an HDRI

    I link to VrayDome + VRaySun, Peter Guthrie method

    In windows, 2 Vrayligth used to help in lighting
    the light fixtures, 3 VrayIES I used to give a charm to the scene and assist in the Light

    I use VRayPhysicalCamera has the same features of a real camera.
    There are not many secrets, I just played around with color balance to make the light as neutral.
    I decided to directly generate the DOF of the camera with her, I lowered the value of the F-number and controlled the entry of light into Shutter Speed.

    I used the Script CG Source floor wooden :
    For wood floor material, I used the plugin Multitexture of CG Source , to speed up my work, I used the same maps with the addition of Color Correction to generate Madasa Reflection, Bump and Glossiness


    Here are the GI settings used

    I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.


    At: Matheus Passos: D

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    Its great.. thanks for taking time to write about it

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    nice... thank you...

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    Thank you !!! i will try your vray dome light info on my scene... !!!! it seems interesting !!!

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    Great Work

    The work done by you is really appreciable. The way you work is really good. I have also visited your site, the way you have designed coca cola is like it?s in real.

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