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    Looks good mate, it looks like you used brute force ?

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    Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
    It's easier to sigh than count all the lovely details in Your work.

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    First of all thank you for the front page- I am very happy

    Quote Originally Posted by simonhc View Post
    Amazing work like always pixela. keep rocking!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lado View Post
    Weel done!
    Quote Originally Posted by dpstudio View Post
    wow great work, congratula.... best regards
    Thank you so much!

    Quote Originally Posted by aurelalto View Post
    Great renders, perfect exemple of Bertrand Benoit furnitures rocks !!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Matheus3D View Post
    Great work my friend ... BBB models ... The light and detail all very well done ... Love the wood ... Congratulations
    Yes Bertrand model is GREAT but only the Wasily chair is from Bertrand, not all furniture.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tmbr View Post
    Nice details and amazing lighting. Good job mate!
    Quote Originally Posted by dmr View Post
    Great materiales, natural lighting and lot of details. Top work as always, congrats
    Quote Originally Posted by quan89tn View Post
    oh my god...very very ...@@...i love all....
    Quote Originally Posted by yaug_03 View Post
    5 stars for me!Another masterpiece from pixela!
    Thanks to all of you very much!

    Quote Originally Posted by jarmo View Post
    Looks good mate, it looks like you used brute force ?
    It is IM + LC.
    No Brute Force.

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    So real...........Excellent work

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    Welcome to our choice gallery Pixela. Congratulation!

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    Wow thank you I am so proud

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    Something to be proud of

    Well, pixela, its all in the title. However, as a poster myself, I know you would appreciate some specifics, so here they are.

    I particularly like what you achieved with the reflections, specifically the leather of the desk chair and the floor. I see a well crafted shader with specular maps and the right amount of reflection and shine.

    I also noticed the curtain. It adds some movement to the scene in a relaxing way. You don't mention what you used for modeling/rendering, but maybe a good knowledge of reactor is present in it.

    Good choice the burnt windows, for in real photography we often see that effect in interior shots, instead of unrealistic clear backgrounds.

    Books alone must have been a project by itself. I hated making books when I had to. I would like to know, though, where did you find all those book covers to map them with, for it's no easy task to photograph them yourself.

    There's no real mpdeling challenge in the scene, except maybe for the white chair and its wrinkles. The desk lamp and orb must have been fun to model, though.

    There's no noise (or very little one) present, so you must have used very high settings for the renderings with all those subtle shinyness (if you used a biased renderer). It also means long rendering times. Could you tell us how long?, and while you're at it, also the software and configuration of the machine you used?

    Maybe the two things I like the least are the desk's wooden shader and the plant. Both are a bit unrealistic in two different ways. In the desk, there's something about the size of the veneer scale or color. In the plant, well, it's too perfect! Real plants are not. Leaves are all different not only in size, bending and orientation, but in color shades and details present, like spots, yellowish borders, tears. I know, I know; it's a nightmare to use a different shader for almost each leave, but that's what it takes when you use them so close to the camera.

    Exquisite attention to detail (like the screws on the chair and the tube dents to nest them) and good overall scene setup.

    A congratulation is in order.


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    great great great work.... and toooo. realistic.

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    So nice, Good Work.

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