Digital country forestGarden area realized business income 2015 3.12 billion yuan,Up to realized production value in August 2016 4 billion yuan,Two years ago, still be by 301 nations line one covers an area of the Liu Hui that lumber treatment is engaged in inside 600 meters small factory building only how to also won't think of, two years short later, his small mill becomes evolution the wood that there is his in home and Russia to machine product line, the product supplies the normal industry of manufacturer of domestic and international famous brand entirely.

And this, have a choice that the source makes at the outset at him. By 2014, small plant of Liu Hui garrisons what just hold water to peaceful fragrance river country forest industry city. A such choices, make his enterprise was cast off lack market of capital, anxious before, singles fights the hot water that enters the market alone, the resource of forest industry city and platform enter country of have the aid of the drive of development.

The country that by group of middle forest of center look forward to industry of timber of friendship of He Suifen river invests 2.55 billion yuan of collaboration to build project of forest industry city, the lumber of national level entrance that is approval of classics the State Council trades demonstrative base project. "vinyl fence extender to cement wall,sri lanka window design photos,dimensional pvc lumber,solid timber or pvc foam doors"