"With African material, southeast Asia material confused norms and grade differ, north America plank all abides by association of American broad Xie Mu strictly in treatment moment (NHLA) foliaceous occupation standard, the machinery that relies on nicety, advanced curium cut, the ply of plank is controlled first-rately, the error of ply can come accurately to losing 1mm less than, this is explicit before stoving, the personnel that still can have major has strict grade, this curiums the plank that cut and becomes, wait without differ in roll end diameter, Bai Bian, volume recovery is quite fast, at the same time treatment of convenient also and downstream businessman is used, reduce production cost. Reduce production cost..

As global the hardwood resource that can cut decreases ceaselessly, more and more lumber agency begin to change the view cork body, however the woodiness with too loose cork restricts its market application, modified wood also because of this emerge as the times require. The controller of pillar timber industry introduces to the reporter, modified lumber is to point to in maintain lumber on the foundation of natural attribute, through processing of macerate of vacuum,

pressurization, and dry wait for a method with solidify, cork treatment is become " hardwood " , make its are having all sorts of characteristics of hardwood, if proportion is large, hardness is tall, not changeful form, still have at the same time insect-resistant, anticorrosive wait for character, increase the use value of lumber. Simple for, change cheap lumber the course of high-grade lumber namely, it is modified. The scope of application of modified wood is quite wide, applicable at room inside and outside furniture, indoor decorate material, floor, outdoors stair and wooden a plank road built along a cliff to wait. "Soundproof composite wall columns,free standing bench composite decking,cheap flooring for outside,build a slat fence from merbau decking"