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Thread: Caplutta Sogn Benedetg

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    Caplutta Sogn Benedetg

    Hi all, Im new in the forum!

    This is a personal work of the Saint Benedict/Sogn Benedetg chapel of Peter Zumthor. I was attracted by the "simplicity", the craft work and poetry that this space has, hallmark of this architect.

    As for the 3D, I started this project many months ago but due to time constraints I could not finish it as I was planning; could not say exactly how long I've been working in total. The tools are 3D Max, Vray and Photoshop (no matte painting here, everything in 3D except for the skys ).

    You can see the complete set on my page:

    C & C are always welcome!


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 02SB-Interior-Thumbnail.jpg  
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    Senior Member RolandB's Avatar
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    Hi Federico
    As says Ronen... amazing work !
    Really nice renders. I like close images too much, maybe less for the second where I find the wood too reflective.
    How did you make the wood tiles ? Are they made one by one or is it (I don't think so) a texture with a master displacement ?
    Thanks again for sharing this wonderful work

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    great job!

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    Excellent work!

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    Welcome to CGW choice gallery. Congratulations!

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    great work my friend....keep them coming, we will all be inspired.....

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    Thank you friends and thanks Simon for the choice gallery!

    Im working in the Making of, but meanwhile here are some wires:


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    Im truly devoted to your rendering Federico!!!!

    Awesome work, youve got a new fan!!

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    excellent work man no comments only question ????????/
    how u make wood tiles ?????????///

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