Hello everyone,

maybe a few of you heard about the problem i'll talk about a bit.
Today i was looking after a way to get Arma3 mods from steamworkshop installing them on my server.
Of course it's pretty easy using the Arma launcher but i was looking for a non gui way.
It seems to be most common to use SteamCMD to download the workshop files but to be honest it's a really annoying method.
There are other ways to download files from the workshop but they don't work for arma3 because it is necessary to own the game to have access to the workshop files and it doesn't matter if you have a SteamAPI key.
And thats the problem about the SteamAPI.
We do not see the "file_url" and thats why the way via SteamAPI is impossible.

But whats my question know?
Why is it necessary to own the game to get access to the workshop files? Wouldn't it be much easier to make it public for everyone?

Thank You!!!

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