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Thread: Visualization training program volume four

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    Visualization training program volume four

    CG WORKSHOP presents "Visualization training program volume four”
    Duration: 16.07.2011-26.09.2012 - intermediate/advance level (including basic introduction)

    our common problem

    Don’t you feel tired working under pressure due to the global crisis, constantly fighting with time, trying to keep you or your company afloat in the industry. The last few years have seen the market grow smaller and it seems to be getting harder each day to find attractive assignments. We definitely feel the same way and that is why we have come up with this brand new session. Using our prior experience from online trainings and hundreds of projects that we have executed with MOTYW studio, we have collected certain key elements which will help you to evolve and take your artworks to another level. Save time, reach out to a larger audience and attract new clients!
    The Solution
    Architectural Visualization training volume 4.

    consists of 3 modules:

    click on the calendar to see details (PDF):


    CHAOS GROUP will provide extra souvenirs for our members, stay connected.

    Evermotion creates and develops products that help CG artists with their 3d visualizations by speeding up their workflow and increasing their quality of output. We offer one of the best variety of up to date and highly detailed 3d models on the Internet. Our models provide not only a great level of details but also a pure beauty that reflects all the wonders of the world we know. Being continuously inspired by reality we break existing limits of modern CG graphic. Besides this we're always willing to help CG fans with their journey through the third dimensional world and therein share our vast body of knowledge.

    Special models from EVERMOTION for our students plus LIVE WEBINAR with studio director Rafał Waniek "Edi"

    Best artworks featured on CGRECORD! Get a chance to meet the guy that pulls the strings in CG news!


    Some comments from our students from last session:

    "I will be frank Paweł- if someone'll ask me about the training I will tell that person that it wasn't too good and the atmosphere was bad and so on. Why? Because I'll be envious- I would like to keep all the knowledge to mysefl!
    But seriously- it really was a fantastic trip around the CGWorld! One feels like some kind of Columbus... The lectures just couldn't be clearer, richer in tricks and hints, more motivating- they were perfect!!!
    Thanks for the energy You've put into this piece and keeping up the good spirit.
    I already started to fill up my piggy bank so I can join the next training- I won't miss that thing for sure So see You later!"

    "Yes I agree with Dawid 500%!!!
    It was a lot more than what I expected... I have only one regret & it's that I couldn't give more time to practice the lessons... Thanks for everything Master!!"

    "First I would like to thank everyone for the excellent course.
    Motyw admired the work of the studio for some time and when I heard the cgworhshop course, do not wait to open classroom approaches.
    I live in Brazil, the online course was great.
    The course exceeded my expectations.
    I'm using a lot of what I learned in my work.
    And I still have plenty of material to study.
    One suggestion would be to take the course at a time a little bigger, able to follow for those who work better.
    I wait anxiously for the next courses.
    Congratulations to all participants and the entire staff of CG WORKSHOP.
    Thanks Pawel, on its own initiative, patience and great talent.
    Big hug to everyone.


    1. download the form and send it back to us at
    2. complete the purchase with paypal or wire transfer (details in PDF file)
    PAYPAL link here: >>>CLICK<<<
    3. If you are a student send us a scan of your valid student ID and use the -50% option.
    4. Welcome on board!

    Contact MARZENA DARGACZ under

    See you on TRAINING!
    Pawel "simonhc" Podwojewski and CGW team
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    We will post soon more info! This training has brand new videos that will really beat everything we have done before. Stay connected!

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    ya i'm really, really curios about this! over 10 hours of video wow! i mean WOW! as if there aren't thousands of tutorials about modeling for free:
    and so forth!

    you do have an overrated opinion about yourself! so tell us what's so special about your shitty program?

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    What's special about this course?

    It's just you see the quality of the images of this course and compare with the sites you went.

    I've done this course and I will definitely do it again, because we always have to learn.

    And humility and respect can not be learned in any course.


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    any of these programs offers more than 40H of training only about rendering

    there are tons of modeling tutorials about modeling for free and you cand find on - cgworkshop tutorials for only 20$

    so who is rude here? a guy asking why this guy is trying to reap you off? or this guy who is asking over 900 euros for 10 H of training?

    You are either stupid or filthy reach. Since CGW vol 1 is online for free I can say that I know what he has to offer and is not much!

    I hate when people are trying lo lie, cheat and steal, so i'll keep posting this message!

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    Thanks @tester. We appreciate your opinion. Please read carefull the schedule next time. Good luck!
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    I read it! it says - quote "architectural VISAULIZATIONS training" it's full of misspellings and it contains videos that you've already sold in the previous training sessions. So again why don't you sell them as recordings? I bet that this trainning has zero to almost none interactivity!!!! You'll probably be on the beach spending the money from all the suckers who were stupid to pay you!

    you could at least check the spelling! but since you are so bright .....

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    tester this is a very bad thing to say...Pracownia Motyw has been proved to be one of the top cg arch viz studios at the moment and there is nothing you can say that it will change that!if you don't like it don't read it and don't buy it!
    "touch the earth lightly"

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    Hello guys,

    I bought CGW ArchViz Summer Training Vol. 01, during last summer and my opinion about it is that there are some positive and negative points.

    Positive points are:

    _ opportunity to learn from one of the best CGI studios in the world
    _ Pawel is a great teacher, his main force is to always find a way to quickly focus on what's important and not loosing time whith what's not. Believe me, this guy really knows the meaning of the word "efficient"

    Negative points are (sorry Pawel but there are some ...):

    _ courses could be much better organized: just have a look at Evermotion Archviz training DVD: this is a perfectly clear organization, with chapters, sub-chapters, and a comprehensive way of learning, with a begining and an end. Your courses Pawel talk about one thing here, and another thing there ... it is always a bit messy, sorry to say that
    _ it is too expensive, and that is why I am not going to buy the course this year: things go harder in the archviz field and it igets harder too to find 830 euros to pay for this course ... whereas the excellent Evermotion ArchViz TRaining DVD costs only 120 euros (and even less for students).

    As a conclusion: if you have the money for it, buy it, you WILL learn interesting tricks, that's sure. But if you don't have it, go your way and find another stuff on the internet

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    you are not supposed to pay for how good they are, but for how much you learn for what you are paying. being good at what you do doesn't make you a good teacher by default!

    you shouldn't pay to see someone making bits of scenes, you should be paying for "the Why"s, the explanations of performing some actions when creating a scene. seeing some movies from the previous sesions i can say this training it's not worth the money he is asking!

    anyway it's becoming boring to repeat what i'm saying, this is definitely not an interactive training as it should be for this amount of money. look at the links above and make your own calculations then you'll notice the difference of time, amount of information and quality.

    and last but not least - it's not my fault that this guy took too little time to write his own anouncement or to have the patience check for spelling what he wrote. if he did this for himself what do you think he will do for you?

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