» Behance Portfolio Review Week Meetup in Gdańsk – Summary

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Published on 13.11.2013 at 8:13am

October 8th came and passed, and with it our Meetup in Gdańsk, Poland. The team at CG Workshop was quite nervous for this event, but so far we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from everyone who attended and we can – with a feeling of accomplishment – say: We did it!

As most of you have read, CG Workshop was asked to help organize Behance Portfolio Review Week’s Meetup in Gdańsk. It was an honour to even be considered for the job. The people involved were a bit nervous, but still put in a lot of effort to make it happen.

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And happen it did. The people who decided to attended exceeded our expectations and surprised us in the most positive way. Firstly, our guests, who decided to show their works and portfolios received a positive feedback from the rest of the attendees. Everything happened in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and everyone who decided to present something were received warmly.

The guests presenting included:

  • Paweł Podwojewski – CG Workshop’s founder and CEO of MOTYW studio who presented his portfolio.
  • Marcin Kiec from ABCAD did a presentation about the company and the advantages of using Autodesk’s software.
  • Piotr Kosiński – founder of PK3D Studio and 3D artist who shared his secrets regarding modelling a tire.
  • Piotr Arłukowicz – founder of Polski Kurs Blendera who spoke about his experience in preparing tutorials for Blender. Check out his impressions here!
  • BE7 presented their portfolio with a humorous approach.
  • Daria Gołąb was the first volunteer to show her portfolio, which later inspired others to reveal their works to us as well.
  • Mikołaj Bazaczek stunned everyone with his approach to his works.
  • Bartek Szczepański showed a surprising presentation.
  • Jarosław Cimoch from Beyond Dimension made everyone smile his presentation of his portfolio.

Please note that if we’ve omitted mentioning anyone, or made any mistake let us know via e-mail: (info@cgworkshop.org) and we’ll fix it right away!

CG Workshop has also talked to some of the guests. Very soon everyone will have the opportunity of getting to know these people better as CG Workshop is preparing some extra material such as interviews, features and possible cooperation.

The second part of the evening passed by pleasantly on feasting on delicious food and stimulating conversation. While most of the guests were located close to Gdańsk, it was the first time that most of the artists from this area met in one place. The energy in the room was amazing and we’re quite sure that many left the event feeling even more inspired.

CG Workshop also conducted a few short interviews. Our filming crew’s (Red Alpaka) working on putting together the video and photo material which will soon be made available.

Once again, CG Workshop and our partners would like to thank everyone who came to Behance Portfolio Review Week’s Meetup in Gdańsk!