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Published on 11.08.2013 at 3:44am

Miarmy 2.5 released with upgrades.

The update contains new features that include the option to make agents avoid one another automatically without the need to set up logic states.

There are also new physics systems to enable agents to react to gunfire, missiles and bombs; other options also allow for making agents follow 3D paths.

Miarmy 2.5 is now available for Maya 2011 and above on Windows, MacOS X and Linux.


  • Maya Pre/Post command
  • placement better boundary and focusing bbx
  • Can duplicate placement node
  • Save/load logic preset setup tools
  • Character cache middle rig with original name custom attribute
  • Global configuration file and can nesting configuration
  • Character cache export stride make it much faster than before


  • Scale Bone / Scale Agent Cache-able

Logical Simulation:

  • expression total upgrade, can support input channel results
  • aim system rotation limit
  • Probability State machine (engine branch)
  • Keyable Agent Variable
  • formation 2D/3D upgrade channel directly follow
  • Auto collision avoidance, the smallest radius, 2D/3D space
  • Auto collision with dynamically agent scale change auto adaptation
  • Path logic can be indexing
  • bome.in channel can feel the bomb generated field

Physical Simulation:

  • Missle System, with inertia engaged
  • Gunfight System, contact and disappear
  • Bomber System, automatic generate field with radius, life and force
  • Skin Cluster/PhysX blending simulation
  • Arbitrary shape of kinematic primitive (currently only support simple convex)


  • re-randomize for mesh drive 3.0
  • more advanced randomize textures for mesh drive 3.0 and arnold render, can extended to layered shader
  • image sequence texture

Bugs or Improvements:

  • brain viewer data feedback improved

Download Miarmy 2.5 Express