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Published on 10.05.2013 at 5:27pm

The ConceptArt.Org International At and Design Symposium takes place once again, this time in London. Its main focus is to promote new ideas and collaboration between professionals as well as beginners in the fields of entertainment, art and digital media.


The goal of the event is to help improve skills, learn new industry methods and allow attendees to share ideas. Information and content presented will be adjusted to all experience levels, offering an interdisciplinary approach that applies to the full spectrum of the art and entertainment industries.
The Workshop is meant to offer opportunities for advancement and input. Leading industry speakers will offer presentations as well as their opinions concerning individual works presented. All panels are directed at those interested in the inustry and honing their skills – game developers, fim makers, toy or vehicle designers, painters, screenwriters, character artists, designers, animators, app developers, students and more from all over the world.

The ticket prize is set at: $645 USD (if paid until May 28); At the door: $699 USD
Attendance is limited.
As the event is run by volunteers, the fees will go to supporting the workshop and the betterment of the international creaive community.
Location: Coronet Theatre, 28 New Kent Road, London SE1 6TJ

The Event’s Programme will include:

• Welcome and Opening Keynote :
The Workshop will open with a welcome speech by ConceptArt.Org founder Jason Manley, followed by the keynote presentation by Jeff Braun (founder of Maxis and Co-Creator of The Sims).
• LIVE demonstrations:
From industry leaders. Every given talk will include live demonstrations from supporting artists and professionals using both digital and traditional media.
• Presentatons and Talks:
Presentations are prepared to inspire, inform and help attendees achieve the knowledge to take their work and skills to the next level. Daily panels offer the opportunity to ask questions and interact with speakers.
• Life Drawing and Painting Studio, Open Sketchbooks and Speedpainting:
Join artists in creating.
• Portfolio Reviews and Creative Feedback:
Opportunity to share work, ideas and more with professionals and companies in attendance and a chance to receive input.
• Job Fair and Employment Sessions:
Companies are always looking for talent.
• The Big Party:
A launch party for the entire event.
• Daily Creative Contests:
Allowing participants to create together to showcase their skills and win prizes.
• The Instructor Thunderdome:
A closing show in the form of a contest between professionals, allowing attendees to see as their mentors create a winning entry for this event.

The Workshop’s topics will include:

• 2D Entertainment Art
• Traditional Fine Art and Illustration
• 3D Entertainment Art
• Animation
• Kickstarter and Crowdfunding
• Production
• Marketing and Promotion
• The Business of Art and Entertainment
• Game Design
• Story
• New and Traditional Media
• Vision and Direction

The Instructors:

• Andrei Riabovitchev – Concept Artist
• Virgine Bourdin – Concept Artist
• Levi Peterffy – Concept Artist and Matte Painter with a talent for speed
• Atey Ghailan – Concept Artist from Atomhawk Design
• David Brebner – CEO at Fingertapps and Unlimited Realities
• Anusha Su – Venture Partner at StartupAngel.net
• Carlos Huante – Character Designer and Concept Artist
• Michael Hussar – Painter
• Bengal – Illustrator and Comic Artist
• Raphael Lacoste – Art Director at Ubisoft
• Graydon Parrish – Realist Painter and Adjunct Instructor at Grand Central Academy of Art, NY
• Whit Brachna – Concept Artist
• James Kei – Artist, Designer and Painter
• Mark Taro Holmes – Art Director and Concept Artist
• Herb Ellwood – Lead UI Designer at Tango Me
• Velocity Kendall – Concept Artist
• Justin Lassen – Composer, Sound Designer and Remixer
• Jason Manley – Concept Artist, Founder and Owner of ConceptArt.Org
• Randis Albion – Art Director at HD Fortress
• Irene Gallo – Creative Director at Tor.com and Tor Books
• Brett Briley – Concept and Character Artist from id Software
• Dorian Iten – Artist and Instructor at The Art Department and Atelier Narasca
• Jason Felix – Concept Artist
• Phil Holland – Digital Imaging Specialist at Rythm and Hues Studios
• Alessandro Baldasseroni – Film and VFX
• James Jurabaev – Concept Artist and Matte Panter from MPC
• Greg Manchess – Illustrator
• Kekai Kotaki – Concept Artist at Bungie
• Jeffrey Rose Esq. – Attorney specializing in intellectual property licensing, development, publishing and strategy.
Many of the invited instructors have worked on well-known projects and possess vast knowledge in the area of their expertise.

For further information please refer to: http://workshop.conceptart.org/