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Published on 23.11.2013 at 3:06pm
Weekly inspirations #17


Hello and welcome to our weekly inspirations part 17.


Horse Hair by Lucy Evans
s horse hair
Source: http://www.lucy-e.com/

The Headless Samurai by Gerrel Saunders
s The Headless Samurai
Source: http://www.gaksdesigns.com/

by Kilian Eng
s kilian eng
Source: http://www.behance.net/KilianEng

Man In A Row Boat by Mark Summers
s Man In A Row Boat
Source: http://www.richardsolomon.com/artists/mark-summers/

by Yun Fei Wang
s yun fei wang
Source: http://huaban.com/zm3wk8lkbf/

from the collection Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine
s arton171
Source: http://www.benheine.com

by Rin Nadeshico
s zerogou_analog
Source: http://nadeshicorin.com

Auto Aerobics by Chris LaBrooy
s aerobics
Source: on LaughingSquid

from the collection Orbital by Bjoern Ewers
s orbit
Source: http://www.behance.net/werk314