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Published on 29.11.2013 at 12:00pm
Weekly inspirations #18

Hello and welcome to our weekly inspirations 18.

To those celebrating it, Happy Thanksgiving!


Spirit 1 by Jeff Langevin
s Spirit
Source: http://www.jefflangevin.com

Field and Stream by Alexander Wells
s Field and Stream
Source: http://www.wellsillustration.com/

Surfer by Colwyn Thomas
s Surfer
Source: http://www.colwynart.com/

Incoming Tide by Colwyn Thomas
s Incoming Tide
Source: http://www.colwynart.com/

by André Wee
s BC&D
Source: http://andre-wee.com/

Girl Back Mountain by Oriol Angrill Jorda
s girlbackmoutain web2
Source: http://www.oriolangrill.com/

Enchanted Forest by Jeremiah Morelli
s Enchanted Forest
Source: http://www.morjers-art.de

Battery City by Tuomas Korpi
s battery_city_1300
Source: http://www.tuomaskorpi.com/

Chewy Rainbow Center by Rachel Caldwell
s ChewyRainbow
Source: http://thirstyfly.blogspot.se/

by Michael Molloy
s michael molloy
Source: http://www.madebymolloy.com/