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Published on 6.12.2013 at 12:00pm
Weekly inspirations #19

Hello and welcome to our weekly inspirations part 19!



from the collection of embroidered illustrations by Izziyana Suhaimi
s emroidered
Source: http://my-bones.tumblr.com/

Last Train by Kai Carpenter
s last train
Source: http://kaicarpenter.deviantart.com

Belle Epoque by Janey Jane
s bg Belle_Epoque_poster_
Source: http://janey-jane.deviantart.com

Una by Michael Shapcott
s Una
Source: http://michael-shapcott.com/

by Nathalie Mulero Fougeras
s haiga
Source: http://www.fougeras.com

Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows by kenglye
s Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows
Source: http://kenglye.deviantart.com

by Tobias Hall
s tobias hall
Source: http://www.tobias-hall.co.uk/

by Anders Krisár
s anderskrisar1
Source: On My Modern Met

Frozen by Nika Akin
s Frozen
Source: http://watercolor-art.tumblr.com/

Jirafa con camaleón by Jaume Montserrat
s girafa-peque
Source: http://jaumemontserrat.com