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Published on 14.07.2013 at 1:44am
ZEN Resort – intro to new series of vlogs

ZEN Resort is a whole concept revolving around transforming an island into a luxurious, environment-friendly resort. The whole complex of bungalows, restaurants, hotels, buildings and other places of interest are meant to be built in harmony with the island’s natural environment.

What gained the whole project most popularity, however, is the famous Underwater Discus Hotel, which will also be a part of the ZEN Resort complex. What makes this hotel stand out among all other ideas of hotels built underwater, is that this hotel will be relatively non-invasive in terms of the natural environment. The hotel will also be quite mobile with the ability to submerge and emerge – allowing easier access. That and the views underwater will create a place people will want to visit.

The whole venture speaks for itself. The visualizations are amazing so far and show the project’s potential. Both the ZEN Resort and the Underwater Hotel present two seemingly separate projects. They do, however, complement each other quite well to create an interesting effect.

Join CG Workshop as we take a peek behind the scenes of the creation of ZEN Resort and the Underwater Hotel, present exclusive material and interviews with the creators. We will be starting a fresh, new series of vlogs, which will show some insight into how a professional studio handles this type of project.

In connection with the upcoming vlog series and the re-launch of CGW, we’ll be cooperating with MOTYW studio on an interesting project which will soon be announced on our website. Look out for further updates!

For the time being, we’d like to invite everyone to take a look at some of the exclusive material on ZEN Resort.

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Above you can see exclusive materials from this project

A short interview with some of MOTYW’s crew members working on the project revealed some initial insight into the creation of ZEN Resort. They expressed their interest not only in working on the project, but also in visiting the finished complex. Everyone at the office is quite enthusiastic about this not being only a visualization of something that might be built in the future, but of something that is already happening.

When asked what ZEN Resort will consist of, the answer was that it is in fact a luxury resort consisting of many attractions. The Underwater Hotel will be a part of the complex and is quite characteristic for this endeavor. The island will also allow its guests to relax in bungalows both on land and on water. The complex will be outfitted with all sorts of facilities needed to make the resort a welcoming and comfortable place. This will include a few kinds of restaurants, spas and a diving center among others.

The main thought behind ZEN Resort is meant to be in harmony with the island’s environment and character. It is meant to look as close to nature as possible, while at the same time offer its guests  luxurious accommodation, interesting activities and a chance to rest on a pleasant tropical island.